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Nathan, 19Oct18


Very good food

Brett, 01Oct18


Pramod, 16Sep18

Hi guys, Ordered the £10 curry deal which is supposed to include poppadoms and a drink - unfortunately didn't receive either of these items. Thanks.

Ben, 13Sep18

Always order from here! This is my go to place when I need something to eat!

Chanelle, 19Aug18



Nathan, 14Aug18



Nathan, 08Aug18

Really good food, I’m a regular customer and always get my kebabs from here. The staff are lovely too and the service is great

Fizah, 12Jun18

Its been hour and half!! where is my food?? As you know we order quite regularly from your establishment, the burgers are good but the service is absolutely snail paced! please sort it out, me and my colleagues have been waiting for hour and half! starving! Please sort out your service, just hope the food when it turns up is hot and edible as I have had problems with that in the past.

Simon Dsouza, 31May18


Maryam, 29May18

I think you have a typo on your kebab sandwich options. You have Salad: 1 "With Our Salad", 2 "Salad" I think you mean: 1 Without salad, 2 With salad

Mike, 25Apr18

Thank you so much for yummy food best Indian food I work for park inn Manchester will definetly recommend every guest to order from from here

Dennis, 23Apr18

Really good food, customer service is great and the staff are friendly

Fizah, 19Apr18

Recently deliveries have been very late and items have been missing from orders. The food is always good but service is getting worse every time we order.

Chris, 15Apr18

when you going to accept

Craig, 30Mar18

Food took well over an hour and a half to come, the restaurant stopped taking my calls and sent me straight to voicemail after lying to me several times about it being on the way and about ten minutes away (I live within 5 minutes walking distance). Won't be ordering again which is a shame as it was previously a favourite.

Rob, 29Mar18

Lovely fresh tasty food

Sylvia, 29Mar18

Hayley, 18Mar18

Great menu selection and pricing! Had a bad experience once with a lamb/chicken mix-up, but they're still our comfort food

Carlos, 03Mar18

Ordered food before on a night shift and the food was really nice, still hot and very tasty

Nosheen, 03Feb18

quick service

Alisha, 02Feb18


Richard, 01Feb18

please add function to add no salad on kebabs plz .

Andy, 29Jan18

Pretty good

Paul, 27Jan18

You guys are Great. Thanks. The food is always appreciated warm and delicious. My only suggestion would be to make the pizza bases thinner and more sauce but otherwise, you are all ninjas. Thank you for your service over the years.

Jonathan, 25Jan18

Foods always great from here however my first experience of ordering online wasn’t good when it came to check out. I entered the code to give me 20% off however it didn’t knock off 20%. I rang up after placing the order and the worker agreed a set price for me to pay. The driver came and delivered my food

Ash Sharma , 21Jan18

Always awesome last time think I got chicken donner grilled and added as part of chick tikka nd it was sublime

Aiden, 21Jan18

The quality of the food may differ a lot time to time

Anmolpreet, 15Jan18

Good tasty food no1 place hot and tasty and quick

Khani, 12Jan18

I e

Khani, 10Jan18

Delivery time time could be improved and food could be delivered hot/warm.

Simon, 09Jan18

Great Kebabs

Aiden, 07Jan18

We order from here all time the food is very nice

Daniel, 06Jan18

No spicy beef on pizza, mushrooms instead

Khalid, 05Jan18

Great. Thank you

Qasim, 03Jan18


Rosanna, 30Dec17

The last time I ordered two milkshakes they were both very watery

Ahmed, 25Dec17

Excellent food & service

Yasser, 09Dec17

Amazing chips

Alex, 09Dec17


Kuram, 05Dec17

Building 10 is on Charles Street.

Kshitij, 04Dec17

Best curry and pizzas on wilmslow road

Amina, 26Nov17

Not very impressed with delivery service speed. Used to receive delivery within 45 minutes of placing the order. On recent orders times have slipped drastically. Hope service time can be brought back to previous standards. Thanks

Ali, 25Nov17

Two out of the last three deliveries I had one case of missing can and dip, and one of missing papadoms. Tonight you've brought me some cheese balls instead of popcorn chicken. I cant trust my order to come right any more.

Steve, 19Nov17

One of the best restaurant/takeaways I have ordered from

Zargham, 07Nov17

Food is always good quality and always arrives quickly. Only thing bad about this place is that they sometimes forget to include parts of the orders such as rice or drinks. Still pretty good though

Holly, 07Nov17

Food is always good quality and always arrives quickly. Only thing bad about this place is that they sometimes forget to include parts of the orders such as rice or drinks. Still pretty good though

Holly, 07Nov17

Was too oily otherwise excellent, would definitely recommend this over Ziya and other Indian Restaurants around here in rushlome.

Dishika, 02Nov17

Driver couldnt find house, came 15 mins late, food was cold. When we opened the food, found the drink missing. Usually very good service, very disappointed today.

D, 31Oct17


Khany, 21Oct17


Aayush, 15Oct17

Great food

Sylvia, 11Oct17

Fantastic food can’t find the curry sauce in menu list

Sylvia, 11Oct17

Great quality food and on time service.

Joshua, 08Oct17

Nice food.

Zargham, 25Sep17

Nice and filling

Zargham, 16Sep17

too slow

Jarryd, 15Sep17

The best takeaway in Manchester :)

Mohit, 13Sep17

Great variety of vegetarian dishes.

Mohit, 12Sep17

very rude on the phone when i rang u because they got the order wrong but to be fair in the end he sending me new burgers out i really like the food from here but yeah needs to work on their people skills

Alan, 11Sep17


Lisa, 01Sep17


Fezi, 31Aug17

The food Never fails me.

Hafsa, 30Aug17

Food came hot:) but pizza was overdone

Gintare, 26Aug17

Superb tasting food and a quick polite service delivery.

Harry, 03Aug17


Nadia, 27Jul17

Rather late delivery tonight

Gemma, 24Jul17

Never had a problem with spice kitchen

Gemma, 24Jul17

Excellent taste n fresh food

Miral, 12Jul17

Excellent. !!

Miral, 12Jul17


Farhiya, 04Jul17

The chicken was dry and had little flavour, also i did not receive my chips

David, 02Jul17

Great food as always regular customer online and also in shop

Annmaria, 01Jul17

Always great food and good quality

Annmaria, 01Jul17

We had to wait a while for our food was near enough cold

Serina, 01Jul17

Best food shop in Manchester

Dee, 19Jun17

Never been disappointed

Hafsa, 12Jun17


Anthony Joshua, 07Jun17

Amazing food and Amazing delivery service

Sheena, 05Jun17


Idris, 06May17

Was waiting for my food for long time

Tim, 02May17


Ronald Mc Donald, 30Apr17

Food was hot on arrival and was fast delivery. lovely tasty food

Kirsty, 19Apr17

Need to make sure delivery orders get every item

Saifur, 13Apr17

Great service and stunning food

Ewa , 09Apr17

Good food, better than most in the area

Zohaib, 04Apr17

you forgot the chips AGAIN

Abdulkadir, 03Apr17

nice when cooked proper

Kishan, 27Mar17


Roger, 27Mar17

Very good food.

Andy, 20Mar17

Love this place, just want to keep coming back for more. Go healthy chicken wraps are amazing and meet feast pizza!!Always bang on time too!!

Zaner, 20Mar17

Good good, good value and nice pleasant delivery staff.

Vicki , 19Mar17

Love it

Eraina, 21Feb17

Tasty !!

Harshil Shah, 20Feb17

nice food

Daryosh, 20Feb17

Best aloo saag ever

Kat Loveday, 19Feb17

A bit slow but very tasty

Martin, 17Feb17

Great food

Hbk, 17Feb17

Great food great service

Hbk, 17Feb17

The food's yummmmmmmie, that's all I want to say

Harshil Shah, 17Feb17

Never had any problems with spice kitchen love it

Gemma Higham, 13Feb17

Super duper

Harshil Shah, 07Feb17

Good food

Manish, 05Feb17

Did not came on time

Ali, 04Feb17


Nor Adila Ismail, 01Feb17


Tim, 30Jan17

great food great service. Rest my case

Carmel, 29Jan17

My delivers not here yet it's been more then the time use gave me ._.

Faroq, 23Jan17

Thank you for taking our extra requirements and specifications into account and delivering a quality product.)

Leah, 07Jan17

It was the first time to order your products. The food was delicious! I'm definitely going to order again!

Rodrigo If, 06Jan17

I always order my food from here because its delicious and their delivery is always early.

Hassan A, 05Jan17

Good best

Khan, 27Dec16


Khan, 24Dec16

Good very good Very quick Very simple Fast service Food allyways hot and tasty

Khan , 20Dec16

the service usually is slow...

Antonio Lopez, 18Dec16

Muy Guapa!

El Chico, 18Dec16

Excellent food and nice taste really happy with service and driver was very friendly thanks

Hussain , 17Dec16

It's a goal!

Roberto Baggio, 17Dec16

I am a regular customer the pizza and cheese burger was nice but the chicken donner was really dry barely had any seasoning on it like it was the last of it and just dried out with donner kebab normally really nice

Serinam, 15Dec16

Good best food service Nice desserts Really taste Clean food

Khan, 12Dec16

Excellent service online discount is good,worth the price

Retty, 10Dec16

Many thanks.

Belal Osman , 10Dec16

better than the chefs at no.11. thankyou

John Major, 10Dec16

Thank you for the food and how quick it was to be the delivered.Keep up the good work!

Andrea, 09Dec16

the last two times items missing from order

Fariha Jama, 09Dec16

Food was amazing and perfect delivery timings. Seriously delicious food and would recommend it every time.

Richaraje, 07Dec16

Very good food, tasty and great service. Delivery is always early before delivery time given. I always order from here because it's 100% on spot.

Hassan A, 06Dec16

I will be telling all my pizza's too order from here!

Pepporoni Pizza, 05Dec16

Good tasty

Khani, 05Dec16

The food is very good and don't have any complaints.

Hassan A, 05Dec16

On 28 Nov the food was very nice. Thank you very much

Rahmad Jama, 03Dec16

Perry Perry good hahaha

Tyler Perry, 30Nov16

Stop on every time, better if it was more hot that would top it off.)

Kc , 29Nov16


Fafs, 28Nov16


Parveen, 27Nov16


Parveen, 27Nov16

The food is absolutely delicious as always, this is the best indian restaurant in Manchester. The delivery is very quick and reliable. I recommend this restaurant.

Rujuta, 26Nov16

Great food and service

Ewa, 25Nov16

It's good! Value for money.

Dhruv, 20Nov16

Great food great service

Sharon Grennan, 18Nov16

Food is lovely, could probably be a little cheaper but never had a bad experience with Spice Kitchens so not an issue paying the extra. Keep up the good work )

Emma And Chris, 18Nov16

Great food and arrived in time. Definately reccomend it!

Rujuta S, 15Nov16

The food was very nice and arrived quickly. The prices are affordable as well and best thing is that you get a 10% discount when you order from their website. This is seriously the best indian restaurant in manchester and I recommend it.

Richa, 14Nov16


Jayanshul Gami, 10Nov16


Jonathan Blaze, 08Nov16

It was fast,tasted great and was easy to order

Ejaz, 04Nov16

need lots of improvement in terms of pantuality. every time we ordered, it never came on time.

Jayanshul Gami, 01Nov16


Adithya, 30Oct16

Please Call the mobile when delivering. Tip waiting

Dannii Bear, 30Oct16

yes yes yes

Michael Jordan, 29Oct16

Last time I ordered the chips was not fresh. Pls make sure it is fresh this timeThank you

Fariha Jama, 27Oct16

The delivery came before expected. The food was dripping because of the thin sauce. The sauce made the naan soggy. The seekh kebab wasn't that nice, it was dry.

Fiza Hanan, 27Oct16


Hassan, 26Oct16


Khsni, 18Oct16

Xxx good tasty Food and shakes Old school dessert

Khan, 18Oct16

Nice food tasty good

Khan, 17Oct16

Would have been good if you could deliver sooner. Its already been 1 hour and we are still waiting.

Abhishek, 16Oct16

Good food allyways on time Tasty too pizza is

Khan , 11Oct16

you are the greatest

The Mayor Of Manchester, 02Oct16

crazzzy food...crazzy delivery...crazzzyy pizza...crazzyy chefs

Mary K, 02Oct16

Food was very very good will be ordering again

Joanna, 02Oct16


Jenny, 26Sep16

quick draw mc graw braaahhh!!!

Jon Wayne, 26Sep16

Brilliant as always. One comment about the app is that the starters menu overlaps with the spice kitchen logo meaning that it can be quite hard to access. Best - Oli

Oliver Clark, 25Sep16

quick draw mc graw

John Wayne , 21Sep16

Spot on every time, keep up good service guys

Kevin , 17Sep16

Spot on every time , keep up the got service guys

Kevin Chiu, 17Sep16

Great food

Laura, 16Sep16

The food is very nice and the value for the money is very nice but the customer service is not good is slow and I hope that gets better hope all the best

Hafsa , 11Sep16

delivery man dressed exquistetely

Yves Saint Laurent , 09Sep16

Awesome food bros.

Martin Van Dillion, 08Sep16

Popadums weren't cooked properly, I would have been disappointed if I'd paid for them. The rest of the food was good.

Kyle, 28Aug16

Great food great service

Edmar, 26Aug16

Really nice, right on time

Austin, 21Aug16

nice one guys

Okey Ebizie, 19Aug16

My order was gotten wrong. Got a pizza instead of calzone

Marzuq , 18Aug16

Hello, I'm sorry to complain especially as your food is usually so good but the chicken pakoras this evening were almost inedible. They were overcooked and the chicken was stringy.

Sarah Ensor, 14Aug16

lovely food

Sarah, 13Aug16


Nab, 10Aug16


Sddd, 10Aug16

Happy customer

Phil , 08Aug16

Didnt think the BBQ donner kebab had any BBQ on it at alllll rahter upset as it took over an hour to get here too

Steven , 31Jul16


K, 25Jul16

chicken tikka kebab had hardly any chicken on it. forgot the salad on the order also

Tony Hargreaves, 13Jul16

Very efficient. Good!

Tengku Hadi, 11Jul16

The product and pricess are good but they take more than hour and a half for The delivery, and when you call to check all they say is that The delivery Guy is probably stuck in traffic and they say that like a robots every time you call.

Luis, 09Jul16


Nadiyah, 07Jul16

best curry I have had delivered highly recommend

Georgia, 05Jul16

Great as always. Recommended.

Farhan, 03Jul16

nice food )

Abhinav, 03Jul16

Open late foods never wrong always good

Ryan Conley, 26Jun16

Very nice food!

Pashka Dambrov, 25Jun16

After last time (during road works) being very late and cold. This time was every bit as quick, hot tasty as we've come to expect from you guys.Thank you so much! x )

Phil Stott, 24Jun16

Verryyyyyyyyy slow

Anonymous , 20Jun16

Curry's were excellent, meat was tender, very tasty.

Possum, 18Jun16

Order was estimated at 50mins to arrive but took 2h 10m and the food arrived cold and rather unappealing. I called to find where it was after 1h 30m and got told the driver had left over 40mins ago. This is worrying as we're less than 40m walk from the store.There were road works on Oxford Road and across MCR at the time, which can explain some delay. The drivers comments and the fact he had another bag of food on his passenger seat suggests he was stuck in traffic delivering multiple orders around the area, which led to ours being inedible.It's a shame the food wasn't up to standard, you guys are usually awesome. You're our favourite place for a kebab lunch and we use you quite often.We'll be back, but this time it wasn't good, sorry.

Phil Stott, 14Jun16

Order placed quickly. Good food. Thanks.

Aman Kataria, 11Jun16

Good food, great customer service and quick

Emily, 10Jun16

Amazing service including the person in store who answered the phone, perfectly mannered

Ivy, 10Jun16

Very quick

Nadiyah, 09Jun16